As a young girl Giselle and her family enjoyed vacationing at her uncle's camp in Shohola. Giselle moved from Connecticut to Hawley in 2009. She decided to get her real estate license to help out the real estate company she and her husband own. She enjoys looking at houses, meeting new people, seeing them choose the home of their dreams, & then continuing a friendship. She is with you through the whole process beginning, middle, closing, and beyond. Giselle keeps a bond with past clients that she listed and closed on their house. You can truly count on her for she is a  "Forever Agent".

She is not only a “Forever Agent”, she is a wife of a man that was born here and loves this area down to his core. She is a mother to two men that have served in the military. Oldest son Jake served in the Army for 8 years now works in a federal prison & the youngest son Rudy served in the Air Force for 4 years now is a full time Penn State Student both the sparkle of her eyes. She also has a sister, brother-in-law, two nephews and three nieces that grew up here and work in Pike/Wayne county. Her in-laws are very well known and are both active in town. She is a pet mom to three Old English Sheepdogs and enjoys time with them at the dog parks in the surrounding area. Because of all of this, she knows the ins and outs of all the communities with amenities that can inspire a buyer to find not only a HOME but a LIFESTYLE.